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I was listening to a podcast today of Jason Lewis and he was talking about higher education and what a sham it really is.

Check it out at the link below.  It really is worth listening to if you are or will someday be contemplating sending your child off to college.

Podcast Link (Right Click and choose Save As to listen to the .mp3 at your leisure.)

It really is absurd to think that the same people who went to college, grad school, post grad school, then received a PhD in blah blah blah, and became professors at the U of Whatever and have never actually set foot in the ‘real world’ are the supposed authorities to prepare our children for the work force???  Seriously, are you kidding me?

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  1. Mark
    April 20, 2009 at 17:50


    Interesting view points in here. I agree that in many of the fields of study, the professor should have put time in the real world. The best professor I had in business school was the guy who worked for one of the big accounting firms. Tough, and knew everything. I would disagree that a professor of theoretical physics needs real world experience. However, he should stick to teaching his subject and not politics (which most of mine did.)

    the best point in here? Shop around. Don’t send your kid to a school and then complain that the school is too liberal for you. Harvard, Berkeley, and others don’t hide the fact that they are liberal. Oral Roberts doesn’t hide the fact that it’s conservative.

    Still ME

    • lloyd69
      April 20, 2009 at 18:17

      There are, of course, exceptions. I’m not sure where you go for real world experience in theoretical physics! haha. I think staying clear from politics if your expertise is not there, and practicing true diversity of thought, would be great starts for most major universities.

      The problem is that most parents that are footing the bill (which could be the topic of an entirely new post), do not take the time to educate themselves and see what they are actually sending their child into. People in general still think you just HAVE to go to college to get anywhere and I contend that this is completely untrue and has not been the case for a lot longer than most think. Back when I was attending college, I remember so many kids ‘washing out’, throwing their folks tuition money away as they partied and skipped class.

      Thousands of dollars in debt later, if your kid manages to graduate, he may enter into a job market that sucks; but those loan payments are still due. It’s a crap shoot and most of today’s 18 year old kids are not prepared for college, in my opinion. Especially those that have had everything handed to them and do not grasp hard work and true responsibility.

      I dare say a majority of kids have never done chores like splitting firewood, scooping hog manure for hours, or walking beans. Although I hated most of it at the time, I thank God for my upbringing. It may sound a bit extreme by today’s standards but it taught me self reliance and responsibility. Don’t coddle your kids. Make them earn the things they desire. Again, I’m rambling and pouring out the thoughts here in no particular order but I just realize all these things as I watch my kids grow. My oldest will be entering his freshman year of high school in the fall. Yikes!

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