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Feather Ruffling?

Okay, on the advice of a friend, I’m going to go there.  This whole DON’T ASK DON’T TELL supposed controversy is perplexing to me.  Why exactly do I need to know if you are gay while in the military?  To quote said friend, “I like chicken but don’t feel the need to wear a shirt that indicates I am a chicken eater.” Seriously, what would be the benefit of everyone else knowing your sexual preference while serving our country?

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  1. Steve
    December 5, 2010 at 16:14

    I post this response as an active member in the United States Army, as well as currently being deployed in Afghanistan. The quest to repeal the “Don’t ask Don’t tell policy” is a can of worms that I do not think people want to open. Have they explored all of the repercussions which will follow if this policy is repealed? I mean look folks in basic training U shower with 25-30 other guys. You are constantly in close contact with each other. Now u tell me how other males will react to someone who comes into the military openly saying “Hey I’m a flamer”! I promise you the reaction will not be good. Now throw that into a combat environment! The fact is you will have huge turmoil within company’s and platoons. Not to mention the majority of combat arms soldiers can’t stand homosexuality. There will be beat downs, hazing and shootings I guarantee it. Look if you wanna be gay..be gay! But we (soldiers) DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT!! It is bad enough we have to worry about the 3rd party nationals on our bases in Afghanistan who regularly try and do rape soldiers. And these guys are running six deep so they are able to over power the soldier. Bottom line..Homosexuality is wrong hands down and if you want to be gay and serve in the military the keep it to your self. The gay community may think this will be in a win, to be able to be openly gay and serve..But I promise you are taking your life in your own hands. And your little moment of self righteousness may be your last.

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