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How out of touch is our president?

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I just heard on the radio that BO is having a meeting with CEO’s today to say, “Hey, you guys gotta start hiring.” Really? The POTUS is going to tell heads of private industry to start hiring. Like a demand or something? Do it now or else? And all because evil CEO’s are laying off workers and purposely not hiring people because being less productive makes them money? Or because they don’t want their company to succeed and are hoping to lose their jobs? Is this guy so dense that he doesn’t understand that CEO’s will hire when it makes sense to hire financially? I do believe he’s about the most incompetent president I have ever witnessed since I started paying attention. This is why you really should have actually run something and been more than a community organizer to be allowed to accept the job as POTUS. I mean seriously. If there is not a list of requirements or qualifications for the top job, there should be.

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