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I Love Irony & The Debate is Finally Over!

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay, this is the greatest and latest irony in politics. B.O. was going to do 3 key things and he ran on these ideas to eventually become President.

1. Close Guantanamo Bay.
2. Bring the troops home.
3. Get rid of the Bush tax cuts.


#1-Guantanamo is no where near being shut down, especially since they realized that 1 in 4 returned to terrorist activity; big shocker.

#2-The troops are still deployed and we recently had a record deployment to Afghanistan.

#3-And the best of all; B.O. says he has saved the day by not allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. So not only did he let them stick around, he says they are instrumental in helping the economy.

That also serves to end the timeless debate. Raising taxes is a bad thing for the economy and the democrats are on record as stating such. I just hope the perpetually short attention span of most U.S. citizens can retain this little nugget. I know I won’t soon forget it. I love it.

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