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Have You Seen This???

This is what the system breeds, pardon the pun.  Maybe an extreme example but a good example of entitlement behavior from someone who’s done nothing to help herself or her family and yes she blames the system that failed her.  What an amazing place we are in as a society.  I’d actually say it has a happy ending, for the kids anyhow, assuming they are in a much better environment than where they started.

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  1. SAPPER#1
    December 1, 2011 at 22:23

    Well just another fine example of someone who thinks they are entitled to free money and all the help under the sun. So she wants someone to take responsibility of her kids and pay for each one hun!!! Well I say she can start with herself, then move on to herself and after that then she can look to HERSELF!! I am so sick of this BULLSHIT and everyone who works there ass off to provide for there family and be a productive individual in society should be too. Who made the decision to lay down and have sex with the father of the children??? Who made the decision not to use a condom or birth control. Sure the hell was not the hard working tax payers of her state and sure the hell was not the government. Yet the government enables babbling idiots like this to continue to abuse the system that is so broken. It is time to kick these people in the ass and put about 20lbs of C4 on these dam programs, blow them in place and start over!! One final note, someone should have that woman’s uterus taken away so she can no longer bring children into this world that will to be raised on the system and one day themselves be a product of the same system which helped there mother be a complete degenerate in society!! I think I am done….

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