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“Never mind that a vast government apparatus exists to provide poor women access to contraceptives,from Medicaid and community health centers to Title X. There are roughly 4,500 Title X-funded clinics around the country. They are required to provide free birth control to the poor and subsidized birth control to people with incomes between 100 percent and 250 percent of poverty. They serve about 5 million people a year. By any reasonable standard,we are one of the most lavishly contracepted societies in the history of the planet. … A Centers for Disease Control report this year found that among teen mothers who had unintended pregnancies,only 13 percent said they had trouble getting access to birth control. … Of all the causes of the explosion in illegitimate births,limited access to contraception can’t be high on the list. At the same time that we have seen a profusion of contraceptives that are dazzling in their variety,impressive in their efficacy,and democratic in their widespread accessibility,out-of-wedlock births have gone from 10 percent in 1970 to 42 percent today (largely among poor women with access to government-provided contraceptives).” –National Review editor Rich Lowry

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  1. Fatima
    May 5, 2012 at 01:29

    I can’t help but point out that the statistic being presented indicates that “OUT OF WED-LOCK” births rose from 10 percent to 42 percent since 1970. Not “unplanned births” or “teen births” ~ “Out of Wed-Lock births”. Granted, numbers do not lie, however it was very craftily co-mingled with the afore mentioned statistic that out of the teens that actually PARTICIPATED in the survey and had “UNINTENDED pregnancies”, 13 percent had difficulty in obtaining contraceptives.

    An important factor that mustn’t be ignored is that this statistical data appears to shy away from the fact that the trend in marriage concurrently began to decline in the 1970s (Per the US Sensus Bureau).

    One of the contributing factors to this decline is attributable to the fact that many individuals in our current society have put the brakes on taking a trip down the aisle when compared to the number that opted to marry decades ago.

    Many modern day partnerships have strayed away from the traditional practice of matrimony for a multitude of reasons, and yet continue to flourish in the creation of family units.

    I by no means am implying that this is the sole reason, nor am I implying it is even a large contributing factor. (I myself did not provide any difinitive numbers). I’m simply poking a tiny hole in the presentation of the statistical data, as it is undeniably misrepresented, and therefore, flawed. Had I presented data in that loose of a fashion (which I have done before), my college Econ and Stats Profs would’ve chewed it up and spit it right back out at me!

  2. Chad
    May 5, 2012 at 06:34

    He sited a Centers for Disease Control report; not some fly by night survey of hand-picked candidates. What point do you think he’s trying to make anyhow? What I took from it, is that if you want pills, you can get them. They are readily available. Again I’d go back to personal responsibility. People want to have a good time without consequences or commitments. And they want others to pay for it. When marriages start to get tough, well lets get a divorce. Sure had fun at the reception and on that honeymoon but this sucks now.

    “…continue to flourish in the creation of family units?” I don’t think there’s a lot of flourishing going on. Maybe a lot of single parent baby-making and a lot of divorce happening. The sanctity of marriage is no longer that big of a deal and I think a case can be made that we are worse off because of that. I don’t know that you’ve poked holes in anything and I fail to see the flaws in a brief editorial comment. This is not a final thesis for some professor.

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