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Protesters @ Republican Convention Coverage

So I’m listening to talk radio today cuz I’m weird like that, and they say despite the cancellation of the first day of activities due to the hurricane that never showed up in Florida, the protesters still showed up.  Then they cut to someone live on the scene and this media gal says without giggling mind you, “They estimated that 5,000 would show up for the protest here today but it looks more like 300, or 400 but it could be 500 possibly.”  I’m paraphrasing of course but it’s just so funny to me how they are openly slanted in one direction.  I couldn’t give a hoot about this convention but it’s obvious that the big protest has no legs and yet they show up to talk to the 5 people that are foaming at the mouth over the perceived injustices of the RNC.  I gotta find my humor somewhere people.

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