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Weight Room Etiquette

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I try not to get annoyed but eventually I’m worn down and give in to the urge to sound off regarding things I find ridiculous.  Case in point is the workout area at my local YMCA.  And I believe this is a small microcosm of our current society in general.  Bluntly stated, who leaves 245 lbs on the barbell of a weight bench and walks away.  In effect, you are saying, “I”m done with it, someone else clean up after me.”  The is disrespectful and complete crap in my opinion.  Right next to them in line are the people who rack up some weight on the squat rack and then walk over and do some bench press.  Really?  You are so special that you can tie up 2 different items and others will just need to work around you? It’s actually your personal gym and not for all to use?   People just generally really need to find some humility and stop thinking they are “all that” and start thinking of others.  Show respect.  Be respectful.  Earn respect.

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