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Okay, this is late but I have not posted in some time and felt the need to put a little something down here in the way of opinion.  I did not watch any of the first debate and consider myself lucky.  They all say Romney won; whatever.  I did watch the VP debate and saw first-hand what a complete, clueless, condescending ass Joe Biden truly is.  I think he did more harm than good with his big wide blazing white-teeth smiles and laughing and interruptions.  For the most part I thought Ryan kept his cool despite being out-numbered a time or two.  I caught the tail-end of the third debate and could not believe the flat-out lies Obama told with a straight face.  He really has gotten very good at it.  To say he believes in capitalism and the individual with a straight face is truly remarkable.  He has got to go and I hope enough people wake up prior to election day and realize this.  I’m very ready for that day to arrive so all of the wasted campaign money on retarded TV commercials can stop.

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