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History’s Greatest Holocaust — EVER!

I cannot improve upon this. I only ask that you read it and understand where we are as a country. If you believe in God and that he is a “JUST” God, then you must believe that we are going to reap this horrible tragedy that we allow to continue in this country. I’m not a big time Bible thumper but it certainly gives me pause and I’m saddened to my core when I read about this evil bastard and these statistics.

The Rio Norte Line

You may not like this, but it’s true: abortion in the U.S. is the single greatest holocaust in all of recorded human history.  The only way you can deny this fact is by redefining what words mean, and even what it means to be human.  But then, that’s what Progressives do, isn’t it: redefine words to suit their desires.

Have you been paying any attention to the most recent stories related to abortion?  Did you know that many “abortions” meet the legal definition of murder?  Do you care?

‘Are You Human?’: Gosnell Trial Brings Fiery Claims, Murderous Accusations in Closing Arguments — Here Are All the Details

The Tragic Stories of All the Babies Kermit Gosnell Is on Trial for Allegedly Murdering (WARNING: Graphic)

Doctor Tells Undercover Pregnant Mom: ‘We Would Not Help’ Baby Born Alive During Late-Term Abortion (Plus: Says He’d Treat Like ‘a Terminal Person’)

And these three…

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